Frequently Asked Questions

A1: Go to the customer service, account information page. This page lists all of your orders. Click the date of the order whose status you wish to view.

Q2: What are your shipping costs?
A2: All pricing includes standard shipping to your final location within the U.S.

Q3: Do you offer quantity pricing?
A3: Yes. If you are a fleet/dealer or RV club that needs several mattresses (more than 3) at once we offer special pricing for bulk shipments. Please see contact our customer service representative.

Q4: How do mattresses ship without damaging them?
A4: We have put a great amount of time, engineering, and design into specialized machinery that allows us to bag and package mattresses. Our process is unique in that it allows us to safely package up to a queen size mattress into a box that is easily picked up and delivered to your door. We build our mattresses with great detail and quality. With the help of our machinery we are able to deliver them nationwide free from damage and at very low shipping prices. Our machinery secures each mattress in a rolled bundled that is easy to carry and install. Once out of the box and protective bag the mattress will quickly respond back to its full size length and height. When the mattress is back to its original size it will feel the same as any other top quality name brand mattress.

Q5: How do I install my mattress?
A5: Our mattresses are shipped in standard boxes and can easily be removed from the box. Simply slide the mattress out of the box onto the floor. After the mattress is out of the box, pick it up and move it to where you want to install it (RV bedroom, home bedroom etc?) The next step is to take off the protective plastic which can easily be torn open along the seam. For safety stand back after removing the plastic as the mattress will quickly unroll and respond back to its full length and height. Watch this instructional video.

Q6: Do you have bunk mattresses for a loft RV?
A6: Make sure to measure the space of your loft RV before placing an order. We offer a 34"x74" mattress which is commonly ordered for RV bunks.

Q7: Where can I see one of your mattresses in person?
A7: RV mattresses are available to test at our Clackamas Showroom.
A7: Please feel free to read the many reviews written by previous customers.

Q8: How long does it take to get a mattress?
A8: Most mattresses are built to order. Customers usually receive their mattress within two weeks of ordering. It may arrive sooner if the product is in stock.

Q9: Do you sell on the East Coast?
A9: Yes. Since we are an online only business we ship all over the United States.

Q10: Can I pick up my mattress?
A10: Yes, you can pick up your mattress at our warehouse in Wilsonville, Oregon. Please be sure to give our customer service representative a call immediately after placing the order to have it set aside for Will Call, otherwise it will automatically be shipped out.